The Reproduction Circuit of Capital, Call for Pieces for CD & Website
February 15, 2007, 1:09 pm
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Should we ask for the noise of the production of surplus, which audible effect does fixed capital have, or whether copy & paste in the wave-editor or the lyrics make somehow political sound?

Here you can see the Capital-Circuit >> (in German, translation available). And you can see, that all wage labor has its prize. What is still missing now is your non-capitalistic contribution, which we can incorporate into the everyday practice of the criticism of the political economy!

Together with real,-Mapping we are looking for tracks, pieces, songs, audiomaterial related to the Reproduction Circuit of Capital.

We will burn all contributions as MP3 on a CD and publish the data online on a website. The contributors will be meantioned. All pieces will be set in relationships on a map there, in order to bring the various materials into an overview.

In may 2007 a releaseparty will take place in Berlin within the context of the globalRADIO during the filmfestival globale07 in the Haus Schwarzenberg/Neurotitan. All tracks will be played and we will distribute the CDs as give-away. will audiostream supported by Please watch out for e-mailflyers!

There will be no limit to lenght of the track or the file size. n0name reserves decreasing for technical and contentwise reasons.

Because of the ruling bourgeois rights n0name says: By sending to n0name, c/o top e.V. the authoress/author declares all audiomaterial sent in by her/him free to copy for the CD, the website and the events in connection with the poject “The Reproduction Circuit of Capital”. We point out that every download of tracks from the website is an act of copying. The sender is responsible to the exploitation corporations. The participation is unfortunately possible only under this circumstances. The author by participating agrees to these conditions. The common copyright remains with the authoress. The project explicitly does not support the Creative Commons campaign.

There will be no award. As thanks each will receive 3 CDs with the diagram. The project is not powered by any grant at present, so we may restrict this to 1 CD. You are working, because you are collaborating.

Please send your data with informations about the file as *.WAV or *.MP3 to:

c/o top e.V.
Postfach 170134
10203 Berlin

Deadline: Thursday, 5th of April 2007 24:00 h
Contact: label(at)
A coop of real,-Mapping, top e.V. und n0name
With thanks to MXKS

Berlin, 13th of February 2007


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