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January 15, 2007, 4:41 pm
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Looking for Direction

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Gustaff H. Iskandar
(Part of City Tour Project during ISEA 2004)

Gustaff H. Iskandar, Pumpung Wratmoko, R.E. Hartanto, Wahyu Sulasmoro
In City Tour the city is observed as a structure similar to human anatomy, which is a complex construction of numerous super-structures.

In the case of Bandung City, Indonesia, people are confronted with layered, fragmented, distorted spaces on a daily basis, the city is like a living amoeba – almost organic. “City spaces, not merely blocks of concrete but also crowded with noises and activities, have forced us to apply a strategic improvisation as a method of survival. Therefore it is important to carry out research into the effects of city spaces, particularly when we are confined in cities that grow at enormous speed while our adaptation abilities are limited. This tension creates conflicts on the personal and collective level.

Gustaff H. Iskandar writes, teaches, and participates in visual art exhibitions and projects. Pumpung Wratmoko works in media-related commercial projects and is a part of Biosampler, a collective multimedia performance group. R.E. Hartanto is a visual artist, designer. Wahyu Sulasmoro is involved in various contemporary music performances, and is the founder of Biosampler.

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